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                     The code of conduct for USPGC

As with any club, USPGC does have certain rules that new and old members should and must always follow, failure to follow our club rules will result in any one of the following consequences; warnings, suspention's, banishment; etc.

So for the time being, take your time and read the following rules:

1. Members can freely post any type of news, information, contribution, suggestions, ideas, questions, etc. having to do with the PS Vita Console, PS3 console, or any other SOE, SCE, PSN or other related content. Members are also encouraged to become active on our site by posting all the videos, screen shots, pictures, wallpapers, or anything at all as well as new topics and starting discussions. There is really no real unwelcome or unwanted content other than the type stated in the next rule...

2. There will be absolutily NO topics nor discussions regarding the hacking, jail breaking, pirating, or other unethical and illegal activities on our site. This is a zero tolerance rule and will be answered with no less than a suspension and up to or including being banned from the USPGC site. Also Racism, discrimination, terrorism, insults, and threats will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

3. We are all expected to set forth a good example to new or potential members. All members; AND visitors should be treated as friends and Brothers/Sisters. We need to all look out for each other and use this club to our advantage.

4. Constructive criticism, suggestions, and all ideas are welcomed and also encouraged. If you ever see room for improvement by all means bring it to one of the Moderators or Site Administrators attention, or send a PM to Kaz or myself.

5. Finally; this site and club was started as a welcomed escape from the train wreck that the PS Vita forums are turning into. The individuals who help maintain and keep the site running and current receive nothing in return for there troubles. Nor does Kaz or myself. I have recently paid for a premium web site account for our Clubs Site out of my own pocket, so please have some respect and consideration for those involved and all the USPGC Members.

Those are all of our Rules, thank you for taking the time to read through them; and remember to follow them and enjoy YOUR Club!